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Hello from Berkeley and Shanghai


Bill, Robbie, and Julia in Sanya, Christmas 2006

Welcome to Robbie, Bill, and Julia's homepage. Check back for updates!

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The Latest

(as of May 2007)

Bill, Robbie, and Julia are just about to return from Shanghai. To read about their adventures, check out Expatriot and Eloise in Shanghai.

Bill has gotten lazy - you can see the latest photos at Picasa Web Albums.

Visit to Montecito Sequoia Resort, December 2005

Miscellaneous, Fall 2005

Shanghai, October 2005

Beijing, October 2005

Los Angeles, September 2005

Julia's Birthday

Summer in Philly

Summer in Lenox

Julia at Cazadero Music Camp

MIT Reunion

Sasha's Birthday

Shanghai, April 2005

East Coast, April 2005

Wine Train, MyDVD

Christmas in LA, 2004

Soccer Tournament, October 2004

Shanghai, October 2004

House Remodel Timelapse: High fidelity Low fidelity

Europe 2004

Robbie and Julia at the Musee D'Orsay

Irish Sheep

Bay to Breakers 2003

Julia's Birthday

A Visit to Santa Fe

Busy Bee Retirement Party

Julia's cousin visits

Halloween 2003

Thanksgiving 2003

American Girl Place, Manhattan

Holiday Party

Christmas in Philly and NYC

Miscellaneous Pictures, First Half 2003

Philadelphia: Parents, Longwood, Train, June 2003

Fran and Mark's Birthday, May 2003

Sazer Family Reunion, April 2003

Against the War, February 16 2003

A Visit to Grass Valley, February 2003

Monterey with the Sazers, January 2003

Miscellaneous Photos, 2002

Julia's Birthday, 2002

Alex's Bar Mitzvah, December 2002

Florida, October 2002


Hofmann 50th Anniversary

Thanksgiving 2001

Miscellaneous Photos, Second Half 2001

Los Angeles, December 2001

Miscellaneous Photos, First Half 2001

Visit to Crater Lake and Redding

Visit to Ashland and Eugene

Julia and Her Cousins

Spring Break

2001 Crab Feed

Performances, Spring 2001

Last Day at Aveo

Belly Dancing Recital

Halloween at Arts Magnet 2000

Some Random Pictures

Camping at Lake Tahoe

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